Free Rein


At REIN, we see the body as a medium. We pay attention, and then respond. We do not to talk over it.

The Voice of REIN comes from the same place as our design. Our instincts as feminists. Our constant listening in order to respond and create.

Over the next few months, we are gathering new voices from within the REIN community. Those who have inspired us, and who speak the same language. Those who, like us, want to respond to fashion, liberation and equality on their own terms. We want to hear from anyone and everyone who understands our work and wants to be part of what we are doing. If you have an impulse to create something in response to our work, fashion, or the world as we see it, get in touch. Send us writing, film, photographs or any other work you think belongs alongside our own (

We want our voices to be heard together.