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Our purpose is to empower women; Lets stamp out the Period stigma once and for all and celebrate our womanhood!

London Fashion Week is arguably the biggest and most eagerly anticipated event in the capital’s fashion calendar. But have you ever stopped to think how many women will be on their periods during this time? For September fashion Week, REIN challenged the normal catwalk protocol and made a statement for women by getting people talking about their periods and everything that comes along with it.


For the September 2016 London Fashion Week, REIN partnered with organic cotton femcare brand Time Of The Month (TOTM) as well as period subscription service Ms Flow to create the ultimate 'London Fashion Week period survival kit', to see women through what is already an exhausting schedule, without the added stress and pain of a shedding uterus.


50 Fashion week attendees and selected press, were sent one of these survival kits, which includes all the essentials to get through that time of the month, a few pick-me-ups and a LFW exclusive REIN laser-cut bracelet. The contents and campaign was shared, word spread and the kit and contents on social media, using #REINAgainstShame #NoShamePeriod #PeriodPioneers.


Given that half the population gets their period on a monthly basis, it is ridiculous that periods are still considered a taboo subject and, well, just plain old fashioned. It’s part of being a woman, get over it! Surely it’s enough having to spend a week in pain (more often than not), hiding tampons up our sleeves or constantly topping up on painkillers without the shame of feeling like you can’t talk openly about it. Why? It’s natural, totally normal and half the world has to deal with it, so why are we supposed to feel ashamed?!

There has been lots of media coverage about periods in 2016 already, from tampon tax to period- tracking apps and Chinese Olympians to period leave, there seems to be some traction around the topic so it’s crucial to use our united voices now to really get people talking, now!

  So, across London Fashion Week we used our web-presence and social channels to get the message out to the public. Join the movement and help us get women talking about their periods, hash tagging with TOTM + Ms Flow, capturing reactions and getting this stigmatised subject out in the open. GET INVOLVED! Something you want to write about? Then GET IN TOUCH!


And finally, To all you busy women out there; whether you are rushing about with a 'fashion crisis' or generally if you’ve got your period and feel a bit shit, don’t worry, REIN has got your back! We want to make it easier for women EVERYWHERE! So go on, help us break the period taboo and get hashtagging! #REINAgainstShame #NoShamePeriod #PeriodPioneers!


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